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Google NEXT

For the past 5 weeks I’ve had an amazing opportunity to be a part of the NEXT program in Provo.  It has been an amazing experience, and I am very grateful for all the mentorship shared with us.

So what is NEXT?  NEXT is a program for entrepreneurs to help them validate their idea.  To prevent spending tons of time and effort building a product that nobody will ever use.  The biggest thing I learned from the program was to Fail Fast.  

The principle if very simple: the quicker (and cheaper) you can validate an idea, the quicker you can move on to the next idea.  If you can do that before you fall in love with the idea, then you’ll be able to pivot over and over again.   Soon you’ll refine your idea into an idea that people are banging down your door to get their hands on.  Of course that is easier said than done, and the 5-week class was there to teach us how.

As a developer, I spend way too much time in the underbelly of an idea.  I want to see how hard it is, how fun it is, how interesting it is.  And by the time I start showing people I’m well past the point of no return, the idea has become my baby long before it is ever validated.

And of course idea after idea I’ve had a very silly approach to building them.  I outlined this faulty approach in my presentation as follows:

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.31.32 PM


Essentially it boiled down to:

1) Come up with an idea I liked…
2) Work my tail off to see it come together…
3) Release, and scratch my head at the results.

So how well as this worked out for me?  Well of the apps I’ve worked on they currently fit into one of the following categories:


Successful (but did not reach full potential):vocode_icon_512icon_512

Unsuccessful: icon app_icon_512  icon

Unreleased (or TBD): app_icon3  app_icon  app_icon

Needless to say, that is a terrible business plan.  Never knowing what will work before launch, and never completely knowing why the successful ones are.  The good news, I started doing these apps for fun, so the loss isn’t a big one.  I’ve enjoyed working on each and every one, and am actually very proud of them (even the non-successful ones).  That having been said, there is nothing worse than working on something really hard, loving the project dearly, and then releasing it to the applause of nothing but crickets.

For my future projects I plan to follow the lean startup ideal, and Fail Fast.  Thanks NEXT for all the advice!



Kickstarter is Live

After lots of work I am proud to finally announce that my Kickstarter has gone live.  I’ve been super impressed and grateful by the amount of support I’ve received so far.  Please help the good vibes keep rolling by sharing in any way possible.


As the project goes on, I’ll be sure to bring updates and information about the process.  So check back soon for lots of news and goodies, but in the meantime go back the project!

Goodnight Lad Kickstarter

Goodnight Lad (Animations)

Note: The Kickstart for this has begun, you can find the site here:

I just received the final version of the animations I’ve been waiting on.  They turned out awesome; I am really excited about them.  I still have a ton of items on my to-do list before I’ll be ready to start my campaign, but I couldn’t help be share as this all comes together.  I’d love to hear what you think.

For reference, here are the pages without animation.

page15 page16

Goodnight Lad First Prints

2014-02-12 (1)The first prints of my book arrived today!  They turned out great.  The quality is actually higher than I expected and the illustrations look fantastic in print.  There are a few minor issues I’ll want to fix before pushing out a larger batch, but nothing to dampen my excitement.


Now I am just waiting on the 3D animations.  I received a video of them a couple days ago and they look beautiful.  It shouldn’t be long before it all comes together, look out for my kickstarter campaign that is just around the corner.

Goodnight Lad


I’m always looking for fun ways to learn.  Over the past decade many new methods for learning have been discovered.  Not only is information more quickly available, but there are many great new ways to explore it.  Interestingly, while technology has taken off, traditional school learning has stayed much the same.  Today I’d like to share one of the projects I’ve been working on: An augmented reality children’s bedtime book.

The idea is that you would have a traditional print book that a child could read and enjoy like normal.  Point a smartphone at it and the world becomes alive in a beautiful interactive 3D scene.  You could see the child rolling in 3D as if floating above the book.  You can interact with it, and even have it read to you.  It is a fun new twist on reading that hopefully will encourage kid’s to want to read and imagine many worlds they can’t see.

Unfortunately 3D modeling is fairly expensive for a single developer like myself.  The story is  written, the book is  illustrated, the code tested, and I currently have a group working on modeling the first page.  My plan is to hopefully garnish interest from others who believe this is a fun new way to learn and to run a campaign on Kickstarter.


I’m really hoping this project pans out, all the pieces are in place for it to turn out wonderfully.  But more than this project I imagine a really cool future of learning. Imagine text books where the math jumps o ut of the page and comes alive.  Or where you can see the anatomy, geography, or astronomy in 3D as you learn about it.  It would encourage you to get up and to circle your book, to view learning from a whole new perspective.

Anyway, it is one of the many projects I’m working on.  I should be getting 3D models back soon, and I plan to update with more pictures once I do.