Christmas Lights Synced to Radio

For years I have wanted to sync my Christmas lights to music.  Each year comes and goes without even a single blinking light on my house.  But no more…  this year I decided to finally sync my house to the radio station FM 100.3!

Last night we turned it on for our first end-to-end test run.  And here are the results.  What do you think?

For those who are a little more curious about how it works, I’ll be writing a much more detailed set of posts about it later.  But a quick view of the pipeline is as follows:

Radio -> Custom Audio Cable -> Android -> Frequency Magic -> Bluetooth -> Arduino -> 16 Channel Relay -> Christmas Lights

And there’s more to come.  A few strands of lights are still in transit.  And there’s a variety of tweaks I still plan to make.

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